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How do you save the environment?

In the english lesson I read about the environment and I think it's important to protect the environment because I want to help the planet.

You can buy less plastic bottles.

You can throw the rubbish in the rubbish bin. You can drive less by car and more by bike. You can try to consume less. These are my tipps for saving the environment.

How do you save electricity

Five tips:

You can give the power switch a break

Use rechargeable batteries

You could wash energy-saving

Leave the lights off when  your are not at home or don’t  need it.

How mutch electricity do you save when you pull the plug:

1 kilowatt hour pro year

what percentage price increase

“970 suppliers have already announced price changes for gas for 2022. Jeder Fünfte Gasanbieter hat die Preise verdoppelt. 32 Versorger verdreifachten den Preis. Die Preisanpassungen für 2022 liegen bei durchschnittlich 75 %
how high can the price of gas be increased
32 suppliers tripled the price The price adjustments for 2022 average 75%. By autumn 2021, 416 suppliers had pushed through a gas price increase for 2021 by an average of 6.5%.

How to recycle properly

You can separate paper, plastic and residual waste. You can separate compost. There come for exampel banana pells, apple strucks and food leftovers in.  You also can separate glasses . Green, brown and white glasses. The glass is melten together to form new bottels. The residual waste is incinerated and used for road construction.

How to protect the environment

Some schools also do activities and collect rubbish. The students collect in the village where they live. When you see rubbish you can just pack it in. If you have packaging then you should to purse your bag.

Acting Green

In the English lesson we have read a text about „Acting Green“. You are greener when you turn off your electric things for a time when you are playing outside with your friends. Ride on the bike to your work do not go by car. This is better for the environment. Open the windows when the air is not fresh, but close the windows when it is cold outside and warm inside. These are my tipps for a greener behaviour.

Acting green

We talked about acting green in class and I decided on the subject of saving energy.
I'm blogging on this topic because I think it's important to save electricity because electricity costs are very high.
I try to save electricity myself and I manage to do it well, but sometimes I forget.
To save electricity, you can always turn off the light when you leave a room.
You can try not to charge every electrical device at the same time.
You can try not to use so many electrical things at once.
You can close the window when you have turned radiator on.
Besides that, you can generally turn off the light if the sun is shining during the day.

Child Labour

Over 150 million children in the world have to work. They are being exploited. They work in very miserable conditions all day long. They get little wages for their hard work in the stone quarrys or creating carpets. Products that were made by children are sold very cheaply all over the world. The products are popular because they are low priced. But sadly, when people buy these products, nobody thinks about the fact that they are manufactured by the hands of children. Generally the children of this age should not work, but go to school.

Photo by Yogendra Singh on

I don’t think child labour is good and I wish for child labour to be banned worldwide!

My future

My dreams, plans and hopes for the future are:

I would like to have a good job who I have fun furthermore I want to live in the countryside because as a child I have already lived in a little village. I don’t have any idea what I will do after school. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to marry when I am still young. Maybe I would like to be active and outgoing. I would spend less time an PC or TV. When I have family, I would like to have a house and a beautiful garden.

The following things we could do in the garden:

In spring, you can look at the trees beginning to turn green again, flowers growing in the meadow, and the birds build their nests.

In summer we can barbecue on the terrace, relax or play games.

In autumn we can watch the trees lose their leaves and later we hook the leaves together in a pile therewith hedgehogs can hide in it.

If it would snow in winter, we could build a big snowman, make a snowball fight or build an igloo.