Child Labour

Over 150 million children in the world have to work. They are being exploited. They work in very miserable conditions all day long. They get little wages for their hard work in the stone quarrys or creating carpets. Products that were made by children are sold very cheaply all over the world. The products are popular because they are low priced. But sadly, when people buy these products, nobody thinks about the fact that they are manufactured by the hands of children. Generally the children of this age should not work, but go to school.

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I don’t think child labour is good and I wish for child labour to be banned worldwide!

My future

My dreams, plans and hopes for the future are:

I would like to have a good job who I have fun furthermore I want to live in the countryside because as a child I have already lived in a little village. I don’t have any idea what I will do after school. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t want to marry when I am still young. Maybe I would like to be active and outgoing. I would spend less time an PC or TV. When I have family, I would like to have a house and a beautiful garden.

The following things we could do in the garden:

In spring, you can look at the trees beginning to turn green again, flowers growing in the meadow, and the birds build their nests.

In summer we can barbecue on the terrace, relax or play games.

In autumn we can watch the trees lose their leaves and later we hook the leaves together in a pile therewith hedgehogs can hide in it.

If it would snow in winter, we could build a big snowman, make a snowball fight or build an igloo.

Homeoffice and “Home learning”

Since November I’m at home teaching this class in video sessions. As the students were at school, all in one room, it was easy for me once we’d figured out technical problems like sound.

At the beginning of December my class was in quarantine which made things more complicated. Not everyone can go online at home. Some have a bad connection, some can hear me but have no working micro or no sound at all. So we wrote emails, used messenger to send photos of results or feedback and had video sessions in groups of 3.

During these video sessions we talked about the tasks they had to do, compared grammar exercises and used the time to speak English. Unfortunalety, it’s not possible to use other digital tools during these sessions because of the bad digit rate in some villages around here.

So now we use the time of “home learning” which the ministry of education instructed just before Christmas, to fill this blog. I hope to read some new post here soon 🙂

Quarantine time

During the two-week quarantine, we received tasks from the school over the Internet that we had to process. We received calls from the health department every two days. We then had to report our body temperature for the last two days. I didn't like the two-week quarantine as we weren't allowed to leave the house and could only stay in our room. Fortunately, the quarantine is now over and we can leave the house and go to school again.

My Cat

The name of my Cat is Luna she is a smoll Cat she is a one year and a one month old.

She is grey and black mackerel.

She is very funny because she have twenty-five be their five minutes.

That is she ran in the Garden back and forth or she make air rollers when she will catch insects.

But my Cat also has other sides, she can also be very loving.

She loves to cuddle.

My Cat like to play with her white mouse.

Luna has a sister who is exactly the opposite of her, because she loves to sleep on one or to be stroked under the belly that Luna hates that.

The name of Luna´s sister is Mia.

And I love my Cat.

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