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Welcome to our first schoolblog. On this site a group of students and their teacher find out how to blog. We will publish texts in English about our (English) lessons, things we do/think/create and whatever we feel like sharing with you.

Elbauenschule Gartow

Our school is a small institution in the east of Lower Saxony. About 230 students age 6-16 come here to gain general knowledge, meet friends and enjoy the family-like atmosphere.

About us

We are

a small group of 8th grade students who learn English as a second language. We don’t like writing that much but try hard so that readers of this blog have something good to read.

We want

to have fun learning English.

to show people who don’t take part in our lessons, what we do.

to have clicks.

Life Long Learning

This blog is an experiement. We learn by trial and error. Please be kind and support us by giving constructive feedback.